How much time a week to you spend socializing away from the computer?

More interestingly, how does this compare to how much you would like to be socializing?

No judgement.

Myself. I would say it is around 2-5 hours per week and I wish it was closer to 7-10

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    About 0-2.
    0-0 would be better.
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    @S-Homles-MD I’ve also been there more than I would like my friend.

    You count those babies any way you choose. I always let it get lost in the sauce
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    @S-Homles-MD Yeah. Where I come from was always the same.

    Conditioning is everything 🍻
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    @S-Homles-MD I had no idea what a izakaya is but I’m glad I looked it up.

    Wikipedia says they are a Japanese bar comparable to an Irish pub. Is that accurate?

    That’s the type of place I always like to drink at. I’m going to keep that in mind the next when I take a trip to πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
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    @leanrob It depends on the socializing. I would say it is around 7-10 hours/week with friends I met from work.
    I'd rather drop it to 2-3 hours maximum, I feel that some act really pushy, others just get grumpy and then they don't explain the reasons and cliques start getting formed.
    What I would like doing is connecting with other like-minded people, but I never feel comfortable being around in a crowd of strangers while the rest know each other. πŸ™
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    How ever long school is
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    As long as the school day is.
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    My social life, even counting the fact that I was a full-time sysadmin and developer, was probably about 30-40 hours a week. Then I got married, and then we had a baby. With another on the way, my social life now mostly consists of spending time with my family. Once every couple months, I'll go to a bar or brewery with a friend, but that takes a lot of advance planning.

    That said, I have no regrets. I love my life.
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