I'm resignating from Arch, Ive used it this week for a school project and as a linux newb- I cant do a lot. I have no clue how to print stuff, where to find my connected networks or how to connect to them etc. I like what it offers and I know it can be good but I'm too new to all of this to effectively use it. BUT I'm not giving up, I'll try Manjaro next as I read that it's newb friendly and I really like how it looks.

Also attached an screen of my Arch setup: i3gaps, plasma and whatnot

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    @YourNemesis Don't know if you forgot but you wanted to see the end result.
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    ur 20 minutes late of being a pro
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    @Marl3x looks nice!
    Regarding connecting to networks and other things - it is the reason I use i3 along with KDE. I get the easiness of KDE for configuring settings and other things along with workflow of i3

    Also I use antergos, you can have a look at that as well. Manjaro and antergos are both arch based distros
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    @eletious KDE is a DE which uses kwin as WM
    You can change the WM in KDE by setting the KDEWM env var.

    To set the env var create a shell script in

    With Content `export KDEWM=path/to/wm`
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    @eletious you can't add blurs using the above method as blurs and other effects are handled by the kwin's compositor but you use i3 instead of kwin so you need to have a compositor like compton for transparency etc.
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    @BadCompany @YourNemesis Where can you learn this stuff because I have no clue what a compositor does 😶
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    Wireless printers ftw ♥️ they're far easier to set up CUPS for. And for WiFi, check out nm-applet 🙂
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    @kenogo I know but I just know that it gives me transparency and some other styling options
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