Is anyone else experiencing problem with devRant? I initially thought that there is some server issue but it has prolonged for 2 days now.

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    Apart from the fact that my eyes are now burned out, I can't see your problem...

    Doesn't it load more rants?
    Maybe your filters are too strict...
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    Check your filters
    Seems like only undefined filter is enabled
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    For me it has trouble Loading the last few days too, its annoying, but I cant complain because its a free service.
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    No issues for me.
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    He only has the undefined filter enabled

    Look at those tags
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    @CozyPlanes there are a lot of rants in undefined though.. I mean it's pretty much everything from before the content tags became a thing 🤔 so there should be a lot more than 1 rant in that feed.

    My guess is that it's a local issue.. have you tried browsing devRant from a different network, rebooting your router, clearing devRant app data etc?
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    For some reason I had all filters unchecked
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