I just got a new laptop and wanted to dual boot Linux on it.

Everything seemed fine until I realized the laptop had UEFI. I always used easyBCD but this won't work sadly. MS blocked some features.

Any alternatives?
What boot loader do you guys use for dual booting Linux that works with UEFI?

Thanks in advance!

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    I mean I'm kinda a linux noob but as far as at least Ubuntu is concerned it installs and boots just fine with uefi.
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    So the bootloader would be grub
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    What could be is that you have to disable secure boot
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    @nicogramm I did disable secure boot and enable legacy mode but for some reason easyBCD won't work.

    I'm a huge OS noob myself. On my prev laptops I always made a 900gb Linux partition and left 50gb for Windows 10.
    Then I booted into Linux and installed it on the 900gb partition.
    Then I booted back into Windows 10, installed easyBCD, added Linux to boot and everything worked flawless.
    But easyBCD keeps giving notifications how features are disabled because of the UEFI.

    For grub, do I need to install this on Windows 10?
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    @8BitOverdose what distribution exactly are you trying to install?
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    @8BitOverdose I'm not an expert at explaining things but this should help you:
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    Other than easy bcd... IDK...

    I actually use different drives and let grub boot first so I can choose Ubuntu or Windows
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    Yeah still not working :( For some reason the grub menu doesn't appear and it keeps automatically booting into Windows. I think I will give systemd-boot and rEFInd a try
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    @8BitOverdose did you change your boot order in the uefi?
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    @nicogramm Yes.
    Live booting works flawless. Installing Manjaro also works flawless.
    But once I restart my laptop the thing goes straight into Windows 10 even though I've set the right orders, disabled secure boot, disabled fast boot, enabled legacy mode. Nothing.
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    Its 2018. Many distros are cool with uefi. I always use rufus to create uefi live usbs and everything works flawlessly. But i agree sometimes bios can be a bitch. @8BitOverdose
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    @yatanvesh I found the problem. I'm bad in explaining but HP basicly 'hard coded' the Windows 10 boot up. It doesn't matter what settings you were using. Whenever there wasn't some usb/cd the thing would ALWAYS priorities Windows no matter what. I had to make a change in the UEFI files myself and now it works flawless.

    I also love the HP forums. After searching I found so many people who had the exact same problem and HP staff all answered them with "You're not supposed to use anything else. We advice you to use Windows 10 for the best experience."

    Never doing this again for a while.

    At least I have my Manjaro now on a fancy laptop <3

    So thanks for all the help everyone. I've chosen to stick with grub. Doesn't look to fancy but it gets the job done
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    "You are not supposed to use anything else" shit man dat just seems from like a dark mind control movie. Wow ill remember dis for a long time@8BitOverdose
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