Recalling the the time I was discussing a web dev based assignment with a classmate( And I wouldn't even go as far as to call it web dev, it was just making connect 4 using js and node).

Me: so did you get to implementing your game with firebase.

Classmate: no, but hey did you use loops for making the board?

Me: ?? There were like 50 elements ofc what did you do.

( Sigh* to think it's going to this)
Classmate: copy pasted

Yup 50 elements copy and paste. like the person I was talking to wasn't even incompetent I mean he had like a 3.5 gpa, how is there any correlation between this stupid number and how they actually code if you can't even code loops. The dude was a 2nd year student. And this wasn't even the only person I heard this from.

Apparently the TAs had to post about how to use loops in Js before we had our lab exam cause so many people copy pasted instead of loops, to think that would ever have to be the case.

The future is not bright.

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