Moved to a new place about two months ago.

The internet connection is provided and baked into my rent. Didn't mention anything about speed.

First thing I did was to check with my phone over 2.4 GHz hit about 100/100 and thought.

Sweet! I have the nice 100/100 Mbits speed!

Yesterday I had some issues with my 2.4 GHz band on my phone. (I have a lot of wireless devices, mice, keyboards, headphones, so it makes sense) Couldn't even do a speed check. Was like. What the fuck. Switched to 5Ghz band because it's not as busy with other devices.

Do a speed check.


I realize. Wait. I am checking from my phone.

What does my cable connected computer really get?


Holy shit. I've been connected to gigabit internet for almost two months without knowing.

What the shit. What God have blessed me with such sick speeds?

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    Imagine telling the youth in 15 years that you used to only have a gigabit connection in the same way that people tell kids today that they used to only have 10/10 Mbps.

    I'm excited for the future.
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    @Nevoic 28.8 k modem ...
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    @Nevoic @Voxera Haha, I grew up using a 56k modem.

    I personally think that 10/10 is perfectly fine unless you want to fetch some game from steam. Imo would be cool if one could instantly upgrade to 1Gbps for 24 hours for some cost.

    I would totally use that service. But idk how hard it is for the ISP to throttle the connection that often for everyone.
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    I feel what you guys were saying, but 15 years ago 10/10 was the standard lol, my family got broadband in '98 actually, so dialup (as the standard best) is more like 20+ years old.

    Was just trying to keep the timing correct xP
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    @BigBoo 10/10 isn't fine actually anymore, for a family of 4 (for mine at least). My family had to back out of a house because we were promised 300/300 by Spectrum and ended up, the day before closing, they told us they couldn't get anything to our house.

    The best we could've done was 8/2.

    We figured out that during the waking hours, we *average* around 15 mbps.

    So during work calls, streaming video, music, or really do anything that we all do, it just wouldn't have been viable. We need at least 50/50 to not feel constantly bottlenecked, and that's not including downloading anything.

    Also we have like 3 4K devices in the house. If they all are streaming Netflix HDR at 4K, that's 75 down. Which isn't uncommon.
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    Did you move to Seattle?
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    @djsumdog Ah, no. I live in Europe.
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    @Nevoic I can see how a family could need more if you use a lot of data.

    It's just me in my household though. I don't share with anyone. So yeah. This is probably good enough for a while lmao.
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    they installed the fiber cable last week in my flat. Can't wait to get 10gb/s synchronously, for 30 bucks. 😍
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    @heyheni Synchronized? I've never heard that in conjunction with internet connections lol. What do you mean with that? Do you mean asynchronous? Do you mean up/down? :P

    Or is it some sick twisted type of connection which drops all UDP connections because they are not Synchronized?
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    @Nevoic "they used to have 10/10"

    There are quite a lot of people who still have that or worse. It's enough for compressed video.
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    @Voxera pfft you kids. That's twice the speed I used in the beginning ;)
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    @BigBoo No problem at all. We do that, we call it speed button, and it opens the bandwith to 1G für 30 min. You can do that 5 times a month. Just a feature. Sometimes we open it for the whole city for special events, to bless all with 1G. nobody cared, everyone was watching football world championship. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    @qwerty1337 I had those at work but not at home. We also had 9.6 k.

    But mom had 1200/75 when they got their first dial up, not internet though, just to the head office.
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    Guys.... guys, please, some of us still lives in small god forgotten villages in the countryside. I average 5Mbps on a good day, at most.

    You are making die inside. 😂
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    @BigBoo never?
    The a in adsl stands for asynchronous, in germony you usually get 16/2,4 50/10 or 100/40 (its arbitrary, therefore no logic involved) for down and up speeds, historical based cause people used to download more than upload. Só called sdsl would be 10/10 and is usually reserved for professional lines. That is why the guy said synchronous
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    @BurnoutDV I see. This is the first time hearing about it and I still don't really know what's different.
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    @BigBoo it just means that you have the same speed up as down.
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    @Hakash So.. symmetric?
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    @BurnoutDV I googled a bit since many people seem to be confused.

    Y'all mean Asymmetrical and Symmetrical

    Not asynchronous and Synchronized.

    Very big difference.

    Even the A in ADSL means Asymmetrical.

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    @BigBoo yes, asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) and symmetrical digital subscriber line (SDSL).

    ADSL is also standardised and most equipment is interchangable, but SDSL was never standardised and is being deprecated for newer variants.
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    @Hakash Yeah. But people are using the wrong word. Which confused the shit out of me.
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    @BigBoo Lol! Just do what I just did... Google that shit :P
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    @Hakash I just said I did that though.
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    @BigBoo Wow! I missed that comment as I was writing my own at the same time :) My bad!
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