I’ve been trying to become a better linux user and learn some low level details about an the kernel and distro I’m using.

Today after a week of struggling I successfully diskless-booted one linux machine off of another.
I’m so happy, proud, and satisfied! Can’t wait to learn more!

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    Much awesome!
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    Diskless boot.. PXE or TFTP or something along those lines? I mean, diskless is kinda impossible unless you can use very low level protocols like aforementioned or have a bootloader and kernel locally 🤔

    Either way, good work! Have my ++ for sparking my curiosity 😊
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    I'm struggling to boot anything of a iSCSi share via iPxe, to be precise mlnx flexboot.

    So many little problems and all suck.
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    PXE can be fun, used it to beat an old 32 bit Toshiba portege laptop into submission. Put a minimal Debian install on PXE because it refused to boot via USB or CD. Thing has 2GB ram, a serial port, and an Ethernet port. At my job we use it to manage switches via SSH and serial, like a Swiss Network Knife.
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    @Condor yes, pxe and tftp.
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