Team of 5 post-grad students working on a single big project for final grade. Been working on this project since last 3 months. 2 of the memebers of my team doens't even know what we are building and we have to present it in 2 weeks, their contribution is less than 5%. How do people not think that its a project for all of us to do and its fucking 30 credits when the course itself is 90. The professors have asked us to give feedback for each member privately and i dont want to give negative feedback about them as they will lose way too many points for it.

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    Be honest. They deserve it.
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    If i give them postive feedback and we get decent marks then these guys will become programmers and will not learn what team work js and effort is. But on the flip side my decision may also lead to them getting extremely low grades which is bad therefore i am deciding to not give negative feedback.@CozyPlanes
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    If they haven't done anything I'd say as much in their review
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    still 2 weeks, tell them pull their weight from now on because you're not gonna lie for them. Its only fair, dont be a tool.
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