Web Devs, what are your must have packages for atom? Please explain why. 😉😘

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    Atom beautify, highlight selected, auto-complete paths
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    The best package ever. VSCode 😂😋😉
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    Be a vsCode convert. Although I was using the *-IDE plug-ins and beautifier and XML/Json formatters
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    'Emmet' for html, css and more I guess. It has great shortcuts that reduce typing time by half! Another one is 'pigments'. It adds a background colour to all the Color hex values or even the rgba values to show what Color it is. Very useful. 'atom-live-server' creates a server that also provides auto reload. Ultra useful when you don't want seperate tools like Prepros.
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    One of the plugins is called ridiculius highlight o very similar, live server, sass compiler, ftp connection is very nice
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