What do devs here do when lack of motivation strikes hard? I have lots of projects in Swift and RN in progress but zero drive to touch them.

Asking for a friend ... 😂

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    Well hey, there's no silver bullet for this.

    As everybody is really different from one another, it's hard to pinpoint something to help, but I can at least say what works for me:

    1. Sleep on it. You will feel better later. :v

    2. Punch your laziness/lack of drive on the face and just do what needs to be done.

    If there's a thing I've learned is: you can't wait to be motivated to work. All you need is discipline. Set your obligations and just keep punching. With time, you'll get so used to punch the lack of drive that the idea of doing it will be your motivation.

    Well, that works for me, at least. :v
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    I use the pomodoro technique and just take the challenge 25 min at a time.

    Super important, realize why am I doing what in doing, either to finish this project and jump into the new exciting next one, or just to be done with it.

    But when it comes to personal or side projects I'm very aware of how I feel about it. If I'm not excited about it I usually drop it. You'll not maintain or update a project that you dislike and very likely other people won't care about it either because you don't.

    But yeah, at least for me, check with myself why am I doing what I'm doing.

    And also pass half life for the 50th time! I love that game!!!
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    Series/movies, masturbate...
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    Do something else. I know it'll come back later so I don't force it.

    Technically speaking something else does include wanking, which seems to be the recommended solution
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    Coding something fun in an easy lang just to get your motivation up :)
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