This one was probably last week of my highschool education so everyone including myself were drunk as fuck like 90% of the time.

Came home drunk one evening and woke up in the morning with a working keylogger waiting to be deployed on school computers. Apparently I've even implemented FTP upload, some basic firewall bypasses and autostart feature. Everything was actually quite good, excluding my stupidness to upload captured data on server through FTP, but there was anyways no-one smart enough in that school to decompile a Windows executable binary.

What's more interesting is until that moment I've never written anything remotely so complicated - I was doing examples from the book and didn't think I have enough knowledge to make program that has any real life application.

After that day it started coming to me that one day I could actually earn for life with programming.

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    tf, what kind of book was this?
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    @toriyaki quite extensive book about C++ (on my native language though), starting from simple introduction and explaining simple programming paradigms up to advanced features of language such as templates, operator overloading etc..

    Was studying and doing lessons from it for some time before (by myself since highschool level of computer education was shit), but never actually made anything real life applicable using programming until that point..

    Remember starting with Win32 then and pretty sure alchohol headache was nothing compared to one caused by hungarian notation.
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