I can’t tell what’s cheap anymore. This salary is making me numb and I’m forgetting my low income roots. I saw a video of a girl who rented an apartment in Seoul Korea for $500.

Is that cheap? I don’t know??? Don’t ask me???

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    Depend your area honestly I think japan and NY has it worse
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    @devTea Agreed. It really depends where it is located.

    e.g. For a million euro, you could have a very small flat in Paris (~30 m^2) while for the same price you would literally have a castle in the middle of France.
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    @theKarlisK It is, but that's definitely an average (low) if you want something in the city, unfortunately.

    Rent for that would be around €1,000 I'd say.
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    @Jilano yup, I'm paying 800€/mo for a small 24m2.. paris is no sense on appartment price
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    @Jakuho Well, you could always try and get a bit further away, but even if you save a bit on the rent, you might pay more for the transport :/
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    That's.. quite the humble brag.
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    @norman70688 I guess you could have a closet there with a nice view, haha

    (But it's not like you're going to look at it every day anyway)
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    @2lazy2debug i lose so much blood by the bottom that women's envy me
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    I pay £1,050 for my rent in Surrey it’s all about the location
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    Depends where it is located
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    Economies differ, and greatly. 😕
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