*Screaming Internally* I'm really, REALLY, stressed.

We just entered the final sprint for the finishing of a major project. This is my first "Launch" type achievement since I started working as a programmer(I started almost exactly a year ago)

We have a lot of work done on the project, and it's very clearly near "Completion" but we all know a programmers job is never done.

But specifically I've been thinking about the code i've worked on. I've been at the burnt out phase of the development for a week now, I haven't been getting a lot done, and I can't help but stress that my code is going to be what breaks on launch day and i'm going to get canned or something...

It's not that i'm a bad programmer(at least I don't think) but more or less that I just have been so stressed I think I've made some mistakes, and I think it's going to blow up in my face, and I might lose my job over it.

How do you guys deal with work stress?

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    I was in the final phase of a huge project last two months - sleep almost 4hours per day during 3 weeks, lost 5Kg, get depressed and all that shitty stuff... After that, I realized that this job is kinda messy, we will not end any work as a cook - we have a huge test time after dev process, maintenance is a shitty thing to do as well... I also realized that its important to stay focus all the time - that coffee time with colleagues is so fucking fun but you'll think about it when you'll get no time. This is my sincere opinion about dealing with deadlines and those stress times over it: don't think to much inside this time, but prepare yourself before it.
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