Go to Denver with a friend for an Iron Maiden concert. I try edibles for the first time, which of course means take way too much. Hallucinate that lead singer is an arm flailing inflatable tube Man. I have a pretty good time. Walk back to the motel at midnight and have to launch a client's website from stage to production on the slow Motel Wi-Fi. I'm ready to pass out at this point, but I got my laptop, and I got my VPN running. So I spend the next 6 hours moving the site from one server to another while occasionally passing out for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

One of the best road trips of my life. Five stars would do again.

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    "bruh these edibles are weak asf" are the famous last words of anyone about to get high as a fucking kite lol
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    I make my own from time to time when I'm going camping or road tripping with friends. I always warn everyone who hasn't had my cookies before and there's always one guy who says "I can handle it." My basic rules is if I didn't eat 3 of my cookies you probably don't need 3.
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