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    I'm left-handed with my mouse only, including swapped keys. Right-hand mouse is also possible, but I don't do that.
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    @Fast-Nop I am kind of semi-ambidextrous, if that makes sense at all. Was forced to adapt to the right world, like most of us.
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    I write left hand exclusively. With a computer I'm ambidextrous.
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    i do most things with right too, except things where i need precision or power.
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    Left handed here! :)
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    I am right-handed but started to use mouse with my left hand after I broke my right arm.
    My arm is already recovered but I still use left hand at work.
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    I'm a right-hander (and right-footer) and I would love to be able to use both sides equally :(
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    Ambidextrous. Happy hand day.
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    I can shag with only my left hand. Does that count?
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