I just switched from Arch to Fedora...

I know I know that all the cool kids use arch, but right now I'm not up for checking out random gdm bugs or some other manual tasks. I need a stable, fairly supported and well maintained distro and fedora just works!

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    I'd say fedora is more hipster than arch, arch is more of a "I'm a vegan" kind of thing, it seems people use it just so they can tell you they do.

    Though using arch or being vegan can be a good thing doing/using it for a bad reasons doesn't make you virtuous.
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    @Hallelouia I hear you!

    I did learned a lot and had tons of fun ricing, editing config.h files and saving 8MB by having a super minimalistic installation... But I need to get stuff done so I can get paid!
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    @benj I've been running fedora as a work platform for a bit more than a year, and nothing would make me go back to an other distro, stability, regular updates, I actually like DNF, and still most of the arch wiki (best wiki) is applicable. If I had the time I would definitely build an LFS (http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/)
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    Question: steam on fedora?
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    @c3ypt1c with flatpak and snap you got pretty much anything you want!

    Sort answer, yes, steam is available on flatpak
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    @benj @Hallelouia interesting. Might consider using it as my next distro :)
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    Have used for years, can confirm it just werks. Also dnf is best.
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    @theKarlisK +1 for the ongoing joke!!

    I didn't had that experience but kind of did it intuitively... If I can have the app native I'd choose that route.

    Thinks like Spotify or Slack that don't really need a lot of external access are flatpak (also because I'm lazy...)

    But I NEED to be able to call code . and subl . from the terminal!
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    @benj well you can set up official VScode and sublime repo in dnf

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    I did the same thing I do not regret anything. Especially that gnome is smoother.
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