Eventually...!! As Manuel from fawlty towers would put it! lol!

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    World is so stupid nowadays. Common sense seems to have to have goneout for a walk and authoritarianism seems to be more popular than ever.
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    People buy phone with good camera instead of buying a good camera. And then again who cares of you can call or not. I bought a whyred aka Redmi note 5 pro for its feature. I wish a modes version would come with less camera feature(basic qr/bar code detection) and less cost, then I would buy that.
    But due to the fucked up market fucked up products are released.
    Just like every software company wants to build block chain AI(if-else) based software to satisfy dumb person using ie on windows XP with all malwares installed.
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    Good old Samsung, releasing bricks with basic functionality for those of us who just want a phone that works.
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    This 'notch' trend needs to stop now.

    Huawei has a 'hide notch' setting, which basically just adds a giant black background to the top...
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    Google is the first lol
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    @vlatkozelka My problem with the notch is the space I don't have for icons and indicators.

    For example I have the "network speedometer" so to speak enables that shows me how mich bandwidth i'm consuming at any given moment.
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    @sak96 "people buy phone with a good camera instead of buying a good camera".

    But have you tried putting a full frame camera with a good lens in your pocket?
    I have both a good camera and a phone with a good camera. Obviously, if I go out to take pictures, I take my DSLR with me, but 90% of times I want to take a picture in a random situation, you know what is right in my pocket? You are right, my phone. That's why I choose a phone with a good camera instead of a phone with a cheap camera.. :)
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    @RememberMe „basic functionality”? Men, I hope you don’t talk about about madness called Samsung Galaxy S4, in which 8 GB out of 16 GB has been reserved to useless features that no one used.
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    @vlatkozelka @athlon sorry, guys, I should clarify. I meant their lower budget phones. I've had quite a few other brands, my Samsung J7 Nxt has been the best by far.
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    @taglia I don't take pictures, I don't use fingerprints to unlock my phone, I don't use it as a mobile jukebox when walking through the city...

    Basically all I need is a square screen for reading articles, checking calendar, and archiving spam mail. Just a big square screen. Screen with notch is not square, so it's not a good phone for me.
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    @vlatkozelka couldn’t agree more shit was starting to make me hate sweet android
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    @bittersweet I've never said the notch is nice, nor that I have one.
    I was just replying that sentence, which sound like "people are stupid because they buy phone with good camera instead of a good camera". veryone choose the device which fits better their requirements. :)
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    Same with headphone jacks. Stupid fucking sheeps.
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    Samsung literally makes the screens
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    I see an error in that image, honor = Huawei, it's like saying that Galaxy and Samsung are two separate brands
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    Might not be a samsung fan, but gotta give it to them for not following stupid industry trends.

    Guess keeping the bezel and headphone jack also takes courage.
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