My coworkers are always too busy to learn new things ... and the only thing they adopted is git... other than that its just a clusterfuck of spaghetti code that everybody develops the way they see fit...

at least we are using a local (because reasons) gitlab-ce that I managed to install on the shadows and kind of introduced it without disrupting their way of pulling pushing ...

and they didn't even log in there , only once.. to create the account 😐

why don't people have any passion to learn? :/

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    then feel, man. them feel
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    same here, i got them away from skype (to slack and then) to mattermost, i created a personalised bamboo (rewritten it in php), i created branching processes for git and review processes for bitbucket, i made one time secret apps and url shortners... Nobody but me uses them, they were all requested in dev meetings over 6 months ago, the only thing i got them to use was toran because they had to ..
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