Me: How big do you want the banner to be (in pixels)?
Client: Mhhh... do default size


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    Tell ur client that there will be additional charges if they want it changed later on.
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    @Alice nope, it's a banner for a specific site

    @diobert already noticed him
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    You have to do some guesswork for you client! He’s not a designer or dev
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    @FelisPhasma if you wanted to buy a couch, would you just ask for default size? No. You would find out what is best for you.
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    @BitFlipped but if you asked me how wide I wanted the couch in pixels, I would have no idea how to respond.

    But I get it dude, it’s hard to figure out what the client wants. What I find works well is I make a version to show my client and then they’ll tell me if they want it tweaked.
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    My default is 3x2 pixels.
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    Im gonna be lynched for this but I will just say it: some devs here need to learn some social skills and manners. If a client would have no idea about banner sizes I would just send him an example of web layout with standard 120x60 or 468x60 or whatever banners so it would be easier for him to choose. Life would be fcking miserable for everybody if a mechanic or waiter would get triggered when youre not sure what is wrong with ur car or what dish u would like to order. Client doesnt have the knowledge thats why he chose you. If all clients would be smartasses and would know how to google then you would probably be doing something else. Yes you are probably introverted and yes you found your own way to contribute for society without dealing much with people but for fcks sake dont blame others if you are that easy irritable and miserable. Sort yourself out.
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    @zemaitis Well of course. However, most clients still refuse to pick, or want conflicting things no matter the amount of explanation we give.

    Freelance more, and you'll understand our frustration with and disdain for clients.
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