I currently don't work over 40 hours a week. When I come to work, everyone else is setup in the "war room," however my monitor and laptop are still at my desk (it's quieter with everyone out in the war room).

I have a good work/life balance, and I'm not alone. One of the other employees also refuses to work over 40 hours or on weekends. He has a PhD and teaches classes on the side. We both did at least participate in a Sunday all-day work session to get something to production.

What I'm worried about is resentment. I have taken zero vacation and was going to bank all my time, then in January take it all at once. I was going to ask for 3 weeks of unpaid on top of that so I could get a month and a half off to go south for the winter.

Even though my output has been really good while I've been working, I have a fear of resentment from others who do put in the extra time. We're all salary and none of them get paid overtime except for a one-time bonus for that Sunday I mentioned.

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    Everyone has the right to the same amount of vacation days. If what you ask for is in line with your rights you shouldn't worry. The ones working overtime should either get paid for their hours, or be allowed extra days off. Or at least, that's how it's supposed to work I guess.
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    If they are stupid enough to put in overtime without getting paid, they should be angry at themselves because they lack the balls to say "no" to management. No balls, no weekends, it's that easy.
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    I mean they don’t know your salary or arrangements with the boss. Not for them to judge. Their situation is between them an the boss. (Or HR or whoever)
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