3d printed a little kyuty eevee. Will serve me as a new debugger

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    My god!

    Need me one of these!
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    emp, eh ;)
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    @hasu ;) i ordered so much things and clothes on it
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    @Jakuho I used to, too. Then I got tired of seeing all goth ppl wearing the same so now I'm more into finding stuff all over normal shops, exhibitions where stuff is hand made and sort of unique, or make my own things. Haven't ordered from them in ages. Although there are some things I would love to order, but I'm poor atm :(
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    @Jakuho I bought both my kilts from them. Definitely good shit
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    @hasu Oh i see. Yes there's tons of very common things :/

    @inaba i bought limited edition leather jackets and some jeans, then tons of poster and some others shits, but yes, gud gud
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    Print a Riolu next.
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