MSG for dfox and trogus
Hey guys, have you seen my bug reports?
For all the others.. Do you have a bug where your app crashes when uploading a IMG from Android or is it just me?

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    Does it go like this:

    >>Tap attach img
    >>Attach wrong img
    >> Remove img
    >>Tap attach img
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    No, I add the pic, and 90% of the times it crashes after upload or when I'm writing (Started adding the img only after the text to avoid this). Other then that It can crash after a few more posts with no images or when I try to post other img.
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    Cleaned all data, may be it fixes it.
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    @Irithyll Nope... not that bug...

    Oh... that's lot of different bugs all for images...
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    I can’t actually reproduce this but our next Android release has a lot of SDK/component updates so I’m hoping it will fix this issue.
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    @dfox Thank dfox :D I know your having trouble with the IMG components...

    Don't worry, if it doesn't fix it ill keep sending reports...

    If not, maybe change the library? Don't know, i'm not a web dev :D
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    @Jase If you wait, maby go click back and enter the post again it ends up loading.

    Images only load when they are fully downloaded, happen to me also, specially when I have low network, since my phone provider has a really good Internet
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