Is it sort of silly to work remote, but from a different place (library, shop, mall)?

I've had one remote job in the past, but start another tomorrow and I'm hoping to try to work from different places.

All of the posts of folks with their laptops on beaches, looking at waterfalls, and such make me happy.

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    My dream is to travel for one year around the world and work remotely 💔
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    @FahadAlt My last job was also remote, but they sent me a desktop 😕. The hours sucked and I was stuck in 3+ hour long meetings at least once a week. I hope I can at least leave the house and work a few days a week.
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    @kzisme its like they made sure you won't leave the house when they sent you a desktop .. *heart breaking* .. Well, hope this time they send you a nice laptop, and less meetings so you can be able to go out and work outside.

    When I used to work in the US, I had optional remote days it was fun. Going and working in somewhere nice and relax.

    Hope you all the best in the new job and keep us updated.
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    @FahadAlt thanks for the kind words will do :)
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    @FahadAlt my collegue is doing just this while I'm sitting at the office. He is out and around asia for a year now i think.
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    @pionell Hope its gonna be your turn when he comes back!

    You know what else sound great idea? Traveling and working for local company in the country you are visiting for couple months.

    Meet people, code, and travel all at the same time.
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    He's not thinking about coming back :D I'm the other dude who works on the same projects as he is, and I don't talk to anyone here in the office because they are working on different projects. I think nothing would change if i would work remotely
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    @pionell take your chance and follow him, If the company will allow you.

    Its great adventure and experience, if it get difficult you can always go back to the office.
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    @FahadAlt I have a fiancee who couldn't travel with me.. Sometime though :)
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    @pionell Family always come first :) but one day why not.
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