Finally back at home (after having some trouble with Deutsche Bahn).
It is cold and cloudy here.
It feels so weird to use a laptop. I was there (in Turkey) only with my phone, typing this post on my laptop. The screen is so god damn big.
My bed is very soft. My kitten got very strong and fluffy. He looks more muscular now lol. And it seems like he missed us :3.
I missed him and I missed my car that I did not like like a month ago. I really understood how much value it has. Besides of that my mind is clean now. It was like meditation.
Fuck that pussy ass description.
How was your day, fellas?

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    Great to hear that you got back home well.. as for how my day went, same as usual really. Public transit was pretty shitty here as well.. I have no idea how De Lijn is still in business even while they're a government contractor, but goddamn their service sucks. Scrapping lines, departure times all over the place, always late. So I wasn't able to go to that thrift store that I wanted to go to, for snuffling around a bit in their electronics stuff for components. Luckily I found out that some of my favorite beer brewers have a promotion running in a nearby store now.. stocked in big time :3
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    @Condor thanks.

    Enjoy your beer :D
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- cheers! :D
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    It was a typical Monday for me.
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    @Biggy @Floydian Danke sehr!

    The vacation did last for about a month.
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