Ordered a Raspberry pi.
Excited to work on it.
Also ordered heat sink with it so as to make it 24/7

Till now I've thought to use as a cached DNS server+VPN client [and from it I'll share the incoming college WiFi to LAN (yes my college is finally getting WiFi for us in hostels)]+mopidy server with iris client

Give some more ideas.
Also, will the RPi be aple to work 24/7 without burning up if heat sink is installed?

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    why is everyone all up on raspberry pie

    here in northern ontario canada, its, bluebuerry pie or nothing.


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    PiHole and private cloud service.

    Also yes it should be able to run 24/7, from my experience it never really heats up and I have the heat sinks installed too.
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    When you don't run the CPU 100% full time, you can even get away with not using one at all. If you have one on hand though, a heatsink never hurts 🙂
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    Just a normal warmth... sometimes hot after working hard 😂

    Here the uptime of my Pi.
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    @undef you mean
    Home automation ?
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    @jonii you mean ftp?
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    Nextcloud itself runs fine and uploading/downloading is okay. Webinterface is nice, too.
    Some files won't upload... sometimes or it stops downloading but that's not that bad for me.
    But I tried opening a folder via app with my pics and vids (many GB btw) - the app died somehow... freezed, worked... whatever 😂
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    @theKarlisK Thanks!

    Noob here...

    But you can do some Arduino Projects with Wi-fi and Bluetooth, connected to your Pi for home automation.

    Or also use Pies, but It's a lot cheaper to build individual components that talk to your server over Bluetooth or wi-fi.

    Some ideas:

    Security camera (you can buy a cheap p2p camera from China and save the images of movement detection in your server)

    Security sensors: Arduino (nano, but get Unos first), talking to your server. Then build an app in your phone (If your not a mobile programmer look at Thunkable , it's a fork from App Inventor, but you can do native Android Apps or Apps for Android and iPhone. Uses scratch as a language with Gui builder).

    Build Gas sensor for the kitchen, pet sensors whatever, saving data to your server.

    On your server create a daemon that sends the data to your phone app everytime a trigger happens, a movement sensor (If camera uploads file = Run trigger(camera) ) ; (If new data from sensor = Run trigger (x sensor) )
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    mine sleeps for a year and a half now in a drawer next to servers
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    @gitlog Yeah I have 2x RPi for 4k video, Both just taped to the back of the TV without heatsink, no problem.

    It throttles a bit if it gets hot, so for max performance cooling is a good idea.

    Apart from obvious server stuff, I would really advise you to order a cheap kit with electronic parts. Bunch of sensors, display elements, leds, breadboard, maybe some servos and common ICs (555 clock, nand, etc), bunch of wire & headers.

    Play around with it, solder some stuff, inspiration will come.

    Some plant watering setup is always a good starter. Logging indoor/outdoor climate into database & graphs is another.

    I often look for projects which can be built in an afternoon, but expanded over years.

    What started with a single pump & flower pot has grown into a large aquaponics system with 1500L water (and 4 delicious fishes), dozens of sensors, about 30 different plants and as soon as I've convinced my girlfriend, an indoor ceiling pumpkin patch.

    Robotics or drones? Barcode fridge inventory? Motorized curtains? Turn your house into a cheap brothel with led strips? Build a wine cooler? Smart whiteboard using computer vision? Handheld ssh client box? Led matrix displaying unit test status? Ghetto version of an Ableton push synth? A giant smart mirror? E-ink display showing your project issues/planning? DIY Oscilloscope? Build your own mechanical keyboard?

    My busy/todo list is pretty long....
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    I ran mine 24/7 for 2.5 year with 80% load all the time
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    @Irithyll what do you use your pi for? :)
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    Read here, dear fellow 😂

    And Gitea is running on the Pi3 for some time, too.
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    Mine away those bitcoins
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    Idk, the only serious project I'm working on is a remote-controlled plane to launch a rocket from high altitude, but that's still in the works.
    If I had an RPi to use at home I'd probably run a Pihole or something
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    I don't have a heat sink, it's running 24/7 and it's not overheating. The temperature is usually 50°~60°. I'm using it as Apache server mostly for personal use.
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    I got 6 or 7 raspberry pi's laying around, nice stuff
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    Have more than 500 Rpi working 24/7 providing WiFi gateway service and none heatsink.
    Cards will die eventually, the Rpi doesn't.
    You should be fine.
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    Just like the above comments, vpn, private repo, or pihole maybe?
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