How does your team approach code reviews? What sort of processes/tools do you make use of?

Currently my team uses TFS (which I'm not a huge fan of). I'm trying to figure out how to track issues (requests) and the code review process.

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    TFS here too. It's horrible. I think it might require a training of two years, or that's how it feels to me.
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    @electrineer that's my issue...I just want a simple interface (gitlab?) To view and setup issues and view/create branches. I'm sure there's a way to do it in TFS but :/
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    We are using an internal tool called Codeflow, which I think is really nice but it doesn't seem like Microsoft wants to release it to the public 😔
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    Using TFS here as well my whole team wants to use git but the techlead doesnt want to go to git.

    One can use shelvesets for code reviews but its not that great.
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    @Codex404 that's what I was assuming as well heh maybe a move to a different vcs is needed
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    Atlassian Stack here, Jira/bitbucket/bamboo pretty happy with it
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    They approach it in a disastrous way!
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    Upsource for code review. You may like it. I do not. (Ahh. TFS. I'd love to go back to TFS. Git/Jira/bitbucket/etc. stack now and it's a house of cards that keeps falling down)
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