Need a new desk...

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    @NoMad Yes, it's a USB LED Lamp with Vader's head :P

    I'd happily send this desk, however, its constantly shaking and making cranky noises, hence the need for a new one =P
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    @Cybork get a wrench, maybe a screwdriver or two and tighten the screws. I bet it'll be better after you tighten it a bit
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    @NoMad You're on fire today, or what? :p
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    Yeah, I've tried that, screws are as tight as can be, however, a few (7/8) years ago, two little metal pipes broke, so next logical step is to throw the whole thing away and buy a new one.

    It's a shame about the glass (5cm thick), the one that came with the desk was shattered when a painting hanged above the desk fell, and this one has been serving me ever since.
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