This is an old friend of mine, who recently joined the company I work with, 6 months back. And this is what he pinged me with yesterday.

This should be considered harassment at workplace, and trigger social, psychological, emotional, physical and all other sort of distancing.

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    I bet it's the smiley coming from a guy being sent to a guy.

    If he is an old friend and now he is a workmate also isn't asking help normal? you want to help him you could just ask him to email and wait for your answer. Or just decline properly if you don't want to.
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    @sweetnothings ah! I'm back here after a while, so...
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    @iamai well I totally agree that asking for help is really important. I do that all the time after I have exhausted all other possible resources.

    But his problem, properly phrased, is he cannot understand the code he himself wrote just a week back. I don't understand how this is supposed to work.

    Anyways, we met today, and it took us hours to understand why he did what, as there were few comments, and where they were, the comments plain simple described the logic ( i+=1 # Increasing i by one). If someone has a CS Engineering degree with 7 programming papers over 4 years, and about one year of real professional experience, one might expect that atleast he himself knows what he wrote a week back. Like I'm not talking months or weeks, it's last Wednesday!
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    You seem to be easily triggered by trivial things lol
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    @sudo-compile an old friend, got a job same place where you are, asks you for help on something you think is easy or he can manage on his own...diagnosis... maybe he just wants a reason to be with you? ❤️
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    @iami the 🙃 Is a flirty smiley though, you might be right haha
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    @d9viant sometimes I am, yes 😂
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    @iamai he was asking me to help read the code he himself wrote, in a project unrelated to what I work on. (Same company, different project)
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