My boss typed up a GitLab ticket that looked like it took at least an hour to make. Screenshots, diagrams, how to reproduce the bug, dreams, hopes, desires, dinner recipes, marriage advice, how to diversify a portfolio. Honestly, the whole 9 yards.

The bug fix was changing a SQL Inner Join to a Left Join. 10 seconds.

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    At least he tried :x
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    This made me laugh so hard.
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    You should congratulate him. We need more people like this. Even though the extra effort was unnecessary in this case, it would be helpful if everyone had the habit of doing this
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    It might not have been such an easy fix, if he hadn't provided that much info.
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    @henne It's a paradox!
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    i could picture it clearly as an Seinfeld episode with of course George as a boss and a Kramer as a dev saying: "well that's peculiar!" xD
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    I absolutely love your boss.
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    Meanwhile i deal with project managers where i need half an hour to decipher the shit they write on jira while the fix is a 10 minutes thing.... 🖕🖕🖕
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    @A-C-E agreed. I much more thankful then a ticket that says "bug on the website" #blessed
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    What a godamned hero
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    @CallbackHell he's a pretty killer dude. This whole rant made me respect him that much more :)
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    Delightfully worded, if I may say so!
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    Frame it in gold and hang it someplace prominent where your users (or anyone who'd typically report a bug) can see it
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    Yeah.. I wish my boss would atleast open his gitlab account. I have to open, fix and close my own tickets cause he wont learn how to use the fucking tool. You're really lucky.
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