Our IT department told me today that they are no longer suppose to grant us admin rights on our development laptops. I am not sure how that is even possible...

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    Well, if it's configured correctly it should be fine. They'll probably have to answer lots of "I want this software installed" ticket though.
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    It says windows. Good luck with the development environment
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    Ask if IT can take a desk next to you so they can enter their password every two minutes...
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    @rookiemaverick interesting thing about windows development, our workplace had all windows devs, and never had admin rights for as long as i can remember. No complaints. I guess best practices do have the concept of least privilege, where by devs dont get such rights.
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    @CatMDV here, corporate proxy fucked up everything. It's so hard to configure all the things that admin rights doesn't matter 😏. Pip, go get, vs code, docker, npm etc etc.
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