Came in the mail today. I forgot I put in for this! 😂

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    Shit, I didn't know about this. I'd have applied right away.
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    How do I get one??
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    @ewpratten It ended in June. You had to enter the giveaway and be registered since before June the 2nd on gitLab, and active. I could have gotten one ;-;
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    @TheOct0 how are you everywhere I look on devrant??

    You are taking over!
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    @ewpratten Am I really that present? I don't feel like it, I just comment where I go :P

    You're everywhere too man, but you're older than me here so that makes sense ^^

    I'll take it as a compliment :)
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    You hipster early adopter you haha.
    But honestly, it's a nice shirt and I would've entered had I known it was a thing.
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    I don't really give a fuck about this whole moving to GitLab thing.

    I work for a charity, we already get free private repos.
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