YouTube, why the fuck do you put ads at the end of the video? Who's gonna watch those?! I'm not a marketer but I do know that people watch ads in expectation of something better. Who.. who the fuck thought this would be a good idea?! Fire that certified piece of shit marketing cunt already! What the fuck is even wrong with you nowadays Google?! Pinnacle of tech company my ass.

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    I don't know but most of the time when I'm done with a video I'm thinking about what to watch next or thinking about the video itself.
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    I thought creators had control over that, I watch a channel called the quartering and it always has an add at the end.

    I think its intentional and if I liked the video and sat through all of it I let it play the add as a way of repaying for the content I just consumed, idk I just find it polite.
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    While playing some playlist or has autoplay on then people don't notice /mind the position of ad, so it works out that way. And I'm thinking that those ads might be costing the companies less money and as long as they have companies buying as space they don't care about it as the company is already aware of what they are getting.
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    It works

    Ads in front of eyeballs at a moment of inaction works in general
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