When I Googled a problem I faced, and found a YouTube video solving it, then tried to thumb 👍 it up, but YouTube said: "You can not like your own videos!"
I recorded it for a friend two years ago!

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    I thought you could like your own videos
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    I've had a similar experience, except I'd found my own forum post... Which I answered 😂
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    @LastDigitOfPi congrats on all of the views xD
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    Sorry but I call bullshit. How could you watch a video and not realize it's yours? With a post it's understandable but with videos?

    Also you can like your own video. That's been possible since ever. YouTube couldn't have said that.
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    @visudo Oh boy, someone lied on the internet.
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    Haha, I’ve done similar with forum posts of mine from years past
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    having a problem, googling it, finding an unanswered question on stackoverflow, spending 3 more hours trying to solve the problem, finally succeeding, being the good guy and writing a solution to the SO question, and then realizing it's your own question from like 2 years ago =D
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    Happened to me with a stackoverflow answer :D Those moments are the best.
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