YouTube: you want 3 months of free YouTube premium? YouTube originals!!!
*Closes YouTube app and returns to Yatse to control my Kodi installation*
*Returns back to the YouTube app*
YouTube: oh, did you ever wish that you could play videos in the background?!

FUCK NO!!! I've got NewPipe and youtube-dl for that!!! The latter even combines nicely with my BlackPlayer EX!!!

Open source is amazing. The ability to just say no to those profiteering gluttons because you already have what they're offering as a "premium feature". Fucking awesome!

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    Oh and for those who dare to say that I'm a leech by not buying into this bullshit that Google's putting forth. I pay for quality software, not marketing wanks. BlackPlayer EX, Nova Launcher Prime, all of the other shit that I've bought. Those are well-made pieces of software, and I greatly support them just as much as I do devRant here. But I don't pay a dime for marketing wanks. The background playback feature is natively supported by the YouTube website, it's got audio-only streams right there. Putting that behind a paywall is completely unnecessary, and nothing but a marketing wank. Not only that, but did you know that viewing ads is virtually worthless (you're looking at $1/1k views), and that Google takes a 40% cut out of those?
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    @achintyakumar marketing cunts in full swing I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Remember, don't be evil
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    @JKyll unless you're the devil 😈
    @undef nah, just the stuff that came with this Android P ROM for now. By the way, stop removing your account all the time! 😑
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    @achintyakumar they want to discontinue GPM once YT Music has all the features and there is a migration tool
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    @JKyll Don't do evil

    And they removedbit from both googles as alphabets guidelines(? Not sure if thats what its called)
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    I used the 3 free months just to watch Impulse, and I fucking loved it.
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    Well the software side is whatever. The most money from the premium cost is going towards content creation. YouTube wants to enter the streaming service market as a big competitor. Therefor they are making a bunch of exclusive content and add some features on top.
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    40%!? Damn. No wonder so many youtubers are on Patreon
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