Visual Studio Code! It's Microsoft showing Atom that they can copy Sublime Text better ;)

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    Went to vscode once, and haven’t turned back at other text editor or ide (visual studio for old .net only)
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    Atom is not copy of sublime!
    I like atom, I don't know y😂
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    I still use sublime when I'm in hurry and edit some file. But I'll prefer code anytime for anything else.
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    I like Atom tho... (I don't use it anymore tho)
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    Why do people leave sublime 😥

    You can still use it even if you don't have a license. :3
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    @cursee I use both, but VSC feels like more of an IDE. It had an Integrated console and a whole bunch of other shit that works really well, especially with web dev. Sublime is great for smaller things but anything Node makes VSC my #1 choice.

    Plus I don't feel like I'm using something which I still need to pay for ;)
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    @AlgoRythm I think I have a strong attachment to things that helped me a lot 😬
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    Now combine vscode and the vim mode plugin for it, ooohhh booyyy that's the life
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    @devTea I still prefer VS for dotnet core too because of features like scaffloding n stuff.
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    What s your point with atom? It s a nice text editor
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    Nu-uh, atom can copy sublime text better 😠

    Aren't both now owned by microsoft?
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    I switched from PhpStorm for same reasons.
    I like PS but it's way too expensive, and also I never used about half of its stuff.
    I like VSCode now, it's lightweight, fast, and more than enough for me, especially with its rich extensions and customizable interface.
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