The smallest utility made its way to being the largest companies must-have, the most critical part of the whole development landscape.

Using just plain C, Git can shred huge amounts of data insanely fast. It never gets old.

Git is a developer's scalpel.

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    What's most interesting about Git is that it was started because Linus didn't like VCSs present at the time. Basically side project to version Linux kernel became the norm in 99% of all software projects.
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    @poetrique `git bless god`
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    I'd love an article that takes a deep dive of how git is implemented
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    Your favorite project is the worldwide developers favorite one, it's nice to remember such simple and powerful tool.

    Git changed the way that the development world lives on, Linus is a fucking god.

    Awesome rant!
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    Bnnn b.j nm nun Bug

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    Nope, it's a developer nightmare, just using C, this tool has managed get in the way of developers by making them learn inconsistent and incoherent command structure, spawning massive amounts of branching "strategies" and heated debates on what should be down or merged or rebase.

    worse, initially the tool started as completely distributed system, but now with the likes of github and gitlab as a centralized repository, developers are still forced to use redundant commands and terminology as though they still work alone.
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    @emaayan oh, my man, how far you've fallen...

    Git is a tool. So-called "strategies" are pure bullshit. Blaming Git for them doesn't making any sense, it's just like blaming JS for being a thing behind jQuery.

    Git is distributed. Git may even be called a CRDT with one tradeoff — when conflict happens, there's a human needed to resolve it. You don't need any of these Gitlabs and Githubs to actually use Git.
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    I started teaching Git, because I noticed that many people were using it, while having no idea how it actually works.

    I think most frustration is a result of not taking the time to understand how it works. Git can look intuitive, but it's not. It's just different than anything you've seen before; it's beautiful. ;)
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    "I decided I could write something better than everything else out there in 2 weeks. And I was right."

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    I use git daily, but i still learn new things about it all the time. It's so powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility :)
    it's easy to break a whole repo within minutes :) guess we all shouted "fuck you git" every now and then...
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