Ok, so many people rant about windows update. It can fuck up things, starts unexpectedly (after 100 warnings and messages letting you choose when but ok) and it takes too long to update.

I use Windows daily so I update regularly and never takes more than 5 mins. 20 when its a major update twice a year. So let's talk about Linux.

Yesterday I wanted to try out .net core on Linux so I booted my antergos vm to do it. TLDR: Didn't do shut because, surprise, Linux updates.

So apparently I downloaded the wrong version of visual studio code. Uninstall and install the right one then. Nope, can't do that. Some dependency must be updated. That dependency is on the highest version on the AUR, I have to get a different one. Ok, no problem. But I can install the other because uninstalling the original breaks more dependencies. Well fuck then.

So I decided I'd do a full system update with pacman, shouldn't take long. 1.6gb worth of update. I have 200mb download so it should be fast right? Well, I had to wait a couple of hours.

So I couldn't do anything on my afternoon because of Linux updates. That's an original rant isn't it?

And before the comments get here, yeah I know it's arch, it's difficult and all that. This isn't about being hard to do. It's just annoying and making me lose time.

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    You must have fucked up your dependencies quite a bit then.
    You should always have an updated system before trying to install anything new. Not doing so is the best way to fuck up your dependencies. Pacman is afaik the only packet manager that correctly tracks all dependencies and warns you if something isn't how it should be.

    About you slow downloads. Look through the mirror list and throw all out that you know are slow for you. I myself have 200Mbit/s too and don't have a problem with pacman being slow.

    + if your dependencies are on order installing vscode is just pulling the visual-studio-code-git, building it and installing.
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    @Andrian Yeah I know. But when someone complains about windows updates noone seems to care about that. Doesn't matter which os you have, if you don't keep it updated it will take your time.
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    @fuckwit Most of the downloads were going at about 200k/s. I don't know why it was so slow but ok.

    I know that there is a way I could've done all this without any problem. The thing is that its easy to fuck something up and its just annoying that a simple thing like installing something has to be done carefully. No bitch, I want to hit a button and work, don't make me lose time installing shit.
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