I don't know my problem is. I lost my motivation to code, my enthusiasm and excitement to read a code and solve a problem. My love of my life for 6 years whom I thought she's the one, gave up on us. It was a long journey, lots of ups and downs, but really worth the time and sacrifice. Now, she's doing good, very happy on her life judging from her social media. Can't believe she just moved for 2 months. To be honest, i want her to be happy but quite bitter that she just moved on quite fast. And I don't if this is the reason why I lost my motivation and enthusiasm to code. Or maybe I just don't like the project we're working on. Well, I really don't like it since it's a mobile game, I really want to build webapp or mobile app but it's too late to change the project.

I'm not like this, I used to code until morning without noticing the time, excited to solve a problem that stuck on me for quite a while. I really became a lazy person right now. I feel the pressure to finish the project but I don't see myself working on it, I don't feel interested reading a code. I just play computer games instead of working on my project during my free time. I don't know if I'm depressed. I socialized with people, have fun, happy when I'm with them, but when I'm alone, sadness starts to creep in. I feel like there's an empty void in myself. I don't know, i just want the motivation and energy to work on my project. Im tired, lazy, and feeling burnt out. If you read until this very last sentence, thank you and I'm sorry for reading this nonsense.

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    This actually makes sense! I was in the same position as you were, I think it's time for a change in your life, whatever it shall be!
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    I too was in a very similar situation.

    what I did was to replace stuff around me with new ones. somehow it helped me to keep old & sad thoughts away.

    bought new laptop (hoping I'd get back my enthu in coding), new table, new shoes, new clothes, rearranged furnitures, etc. and gave away all old ones.

    it helped. it definitely helped. I'm not completely recovered yet, but I'm not as shit as before.

    see if doing something similar may help you too.
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    I went through something pretty similiar after a breakup of 7 years. It's been about a year and a half since that happened.

    I struggle with my life's purpose, but I keep myself motivated through two goals. One, to graduate college next year. Two, work overseas after I graduate. Even if the latter goal doesn't work out it's still something to aim for to help me get out of bed and keep coding.
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate your thoughts.
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