That day has finally come

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    Tell us more. I smell a good story.
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    @LordPeeve Fuck yeah!!! same here. Just told my boss.

    Wish you all the best!

    Lets hope for a better future and that it will be as good as we imagine.
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    @fuzzyT Wish you all the best mate, it can only go up from here :)
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    I'm gonna save this image for my future self. I could really use it soon.
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    @no-oxygen, @saiij

    I did not want to bore ya'll with my story. It's the oldest story in "dev's life" book. Started great and over the course of a year it just kept getting worse. And by worse I mean neo-corporate cool-aid BS where it's all about:

    I'm sure each of the points could a be a massive rant but here's an abridged version in two parts.

    [PART 1]

    * Talking about having a great culture but never do anything about achieving it

    * meetings === work

    * More meetings === more work

    * Agile is some word that everyone outside delivery just uses to trick devs into making changes as quickly as they change their minds but still adhere to the same deadlines

    * On average we spend 4 months to hire new devs as we only hire candidates that are genuinely strong in their domain (iOS, Android, Security, Web...) but they end up leaving within 3-6 months and I can't blame them for leaving
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    [PART 2]

    * As a dev you need a top-tier skills to get hired. But any fuckwit who owns a Mac can get a job as a UX/designer

    * The afore mentioned designers are defining "visual requirements" that are just mental but they "look cool" and "might win a design award"... your "designs" might win that award, but will most certanly reduce our customer base to 0!

    * I'm tired of building Android apps using a single non-arguable requirement: "Just copy how iOS team has done it"

    * Did I miss a memo where iOS become a baseline and a benchmark for Android UX/UI? I haven't checked my junk folder since Windows won the award for most secure OS...

    * The office where a dev has no chance of getting a laptop, 2 screens, a fixed desk and a quiet surrounding is not a place I want to call "my" nor "a workplace"
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    @antorqs Hope you can avoid quitting but if it gets to that point do it with class :)

    There were other good candidates for the meme (link https://sayingimages.com/i-quit-mem...), but this one reflects the exact smile I had when I woke up today :)
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