credits to @mattiasgeniar

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    awwww this made my day 😊
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    No it's more like "you stupid piece of ******* **** I will burn you to the ******* ground and **** on your ******* ashes."
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    I found it more often like 'may server god smile upon us'
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    this is gold 😂
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    In reality, it is not your hands, but hammer.

    It is not *pat-pat*, but *bang-bang*.
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    I love this fucking shit
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    so that's how @Linux and @Linuxxx @Condor fix their server issues :3

    We know your secret now lol
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    @gitpush naah, more like what @icycrash mentioned here :P
    .. I'm a terrible server admin, am I not? :')
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    @Condor hahaha not from what I've seen, you do look like someone has great knowledge in servers, especially windows which is not as easy to manage as Linux
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    @gitpush Windows servers are easy to learn after all, there's not much to it other than "it's a piece of junk" 🙃
    Linux servers.. eh, probably. I kinda lost interest in servers these days but yeah, kernels and spinning my own custom Linux systems etc, no sweat :3
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    @Condor hahaha I do agree about the windows server part, I once tried to install sharepoint on a windows server 2012 R2 and that caused me tons of headaches lol

    As for Linux it is mainly cuz I use docker for spinning up what I want maybe that's why I don't find trouble with them.

    But I do miss the days where I used to play around with Android kernel, I used to modify it for optimal read and processing and reduce GPU power to only handle basic screen updates like opening apps ..etc but not for games.
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    @gitpush And that while SharePoint is a Microsoft-developed piece of software.. much support, such integration, very wow! Absolutely professional-grade 🙃
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    @Condor lool yup, there are always stuff to download from the internet, extensive use of powershell to fix that shit to finally end up making that thing running
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    Yeah it works too
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    @Condor That's just my solution the past few days because I've been trying to dealing with beta software like unms and taking raw data out of ucrm and filter and import it into freeradius.
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