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    Just when I found it to be a smartass move to get a VPS in Paris and host my own openvpn.

    Now where should I get a VPS for openvpn :/
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    @gitpush how is Paris not EU? Am I missing something?
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    @lamka02sk I think he meant he's considering one in Paris but with Article 13, I think its best to make a VPS somewhere, like Singapore.
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    @lamka02sk its what @caramelCase said,

    I have an openvpn instance running on my server in Paris, now with that article being approved, I need to find another place :\
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    @gitpush hopefully Switzerland will not be affected by this, it is the closest country where privacy still matters and VPN speeds are okay.
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    @lamka02sk Do you know any vps provider there? I use scaleway and they have in Amsterdam and Paris.

    Vultr has mostly in USA and Japan. But for 2.5$ I get a 512MB server while at scaleway for 2.99 euro I get a 1GB server that's why I don't prefer Vultr for just a vpn server
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    Does the new changes effect VPS we have in EU countries? I think I have a linode server in Germany.
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    @HoloDreamer No. As I understand it, they will only require very big companies to apply the upload filter (which now btw has another name).
    The only restriction would be when you use the server as a VPN (because you will appear as an eu citizen).
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    @gitpush Unfortunately, no, but I will probably be looking for one soon.
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    @lamka02sk if you found one please do let me know, let's hope we can find :\
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    I have to wait 6 months? K fine...
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    I'm in the USA and I can't see it...
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    I am outside EU
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    Is this joke really going over everyone's heads??
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    I am in space (just by Mars right now), and still can't see it. (Did Mars join the EU?)
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