Me: Finally got Arch.

Also me an hour later: Fuck why doesn't it boot now

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    If you have a Core Duo/Core 2 Duo machine, then there's a bug in Linux kernel (yes, Linux has bugs. In fact, every software written by a human would have bugs. It's inevitable). Try to boot using Arch Linux Live CD which isn't running Linux 4.18, chroot into your system and add "tsc=unstable" or "clocksource=hpet" in kernel parameters
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    My arch didn't boot because there was no byte left to store anything.

    Back to manjaro
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    ... but think about how much you learn by being unable to boot!
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    My best time was installing Arch, then a week later upgrading it and my Xorg config no longer worked so I no longer had a desktop environment... hilarious fun.
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