I'm a little late to this, but that Python master/slave issue.. what the fuck is up with that?!

You say that you're offended by words.
=> Fuck off. If you want to serve social justice, help people in third-world countries that need your help.
=> Also, you do realize that the use of master/slave is just as much applicable to technology as client/server or host/guest are, right? It's a relationship between fucking machines or code blocks, not humans.

You say "why the outrage over this?"
=> Fuck off. Your SJW bullshit has no place in technology. It's a fucking word in fucking code!!!

You say that you're improving the Python project with this.
=> Fuck off. It breaks existing documentation and needlessly abstracts terminology that is used pretty much everywhere. What do you prefer, conciseness and a language to be easy to understand or for it to become all cushioned to soothe your frail feelings?

You know, there's something else that I wanted to talk about that's related to this. I have Asperger Syndrome, which on paper is a disability. In practice it's difficulty to socialize while having an above average IQ. That "disability" is what drove me into technology. When I see job listings actively prefer people with disabilities for social justice, you know what? That offends ME. Because I wouldn't want to be chosen as the best applicant just because it ticks social justice boxes. I want to be chosen as the best applicant because I outcompeted every other applicant with actual skill and fitness to do my job.

Also, when a company sells you a defective unit, would you be happy? Of course not. So why are you happy when they employ a defective? I am someone that would - on paper - be impeded by natural selection, because I am "handicapped". But I'm all for it. Humanity is what it is today - shit - partly because defectives have become widely accepted into society. Call me a bigot, but I'd rather be called that than to not raise concerns about this trend.

On the subject of handicaps, that's a term that's used in games, what for aiding the player that can't win against the regular opponent (which is usually just a fucking bot, wtf yo). I am handicapped, therefore YOU shouldn't use the word in a sense where it's totally reasonable to use it!! Says no one ever, me neither. Grow a fucking pair and realize that code isn't written with the intent to offend anyone. So why are you?

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    I'd say amen but that might offend someone because I despise institutionalised faith.
    Best if I remain at peace for eternity.
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    @rsync Why would anyone want that? Sure the monthly check is useful, but showing fitness to work, or at least trying to learn it, is something that I'd want to do more than anything else. Especially in volunteering work which doesn't make any money and doesn't have contracts that expect anything from me. That makes it a great place to get a feel about employment. Preventing that personal development from happening and even criminally charging for it.. what the fuck? Who the hell voted THAT into law?!
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    @RantSomeWhere *patches wand* ich bin MacGyver, ich baue eine bombe 😎
    Sorry, couldn't resist 😛
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    @Frederick I like that idea. Something that takes a good amount of time of suffering before it eventually kills them. Too bad that electricity can't be used for this though 😞
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    Preach 🙏
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    @RantSomeWhere eventually the sun will go supernova. Hopefully Elon has gotten us to a new solar system by then.
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    Can you show me one of those listings... Cuz my interview experience ever since I became deaf is like:

    Recruiter: you are great for ..
    Me: that's great, btw in deaf
    (No reply)

    Interviewer: you're pretty really good but we've decided to pick someone else

    (This is after a 3hr interview...)
    Gee I wonder why... Only reason you won't tell me is probably because then I can sue you for discrimination.

    Oh we're equal employment... Then why the fuck are your so white, male, and secretive. Give a valid reason for wasting my time...
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    @billgates sorry, not sure if I understand this completely.. but yeah bias during interviews in the name of "equality" is a pain in the ass. For skilled applicants to be turned down over some defective in the name of "equality" makes my blood boil. It's time for people to realize again that there is no such thing as entitlement. Not everyone is a winner, not everyone deserves that silly medal "for participation". Work hard and earn the fucking thing so that it's at least somewhat meaningful. Same thing with jobs. They're to be earned by skill and competence, not entitlement.
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    I mean sorta like this. I can be equally or better qualified for the actual job or even just to get an interview but because I look weird and am deaf get rejected at the door or after getting my time wasted.

    Now of course I can't prove this since they won't tell me but if their so equal opportunity, why can't they? What exactly can I do to get better? What was my weakness it their strength... What makes me a bad fit? If you declare to be equal employment, there's nothing that prevents you from telling me this after wasting my time. Give me something of value not just No we're sorry.
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    Im against intentionally hurtful and demeaning statements etc. But I'm more against the trend to make everything sensitive.
    Educating where the terminology comes from is far more helpful than trying to bury
    everything and later thinking the concept is a great idea.

    Also not everything is offensive in every context. Some people for example think it's sexy being called a slave in certain positions and they have that right. Computer's don't get offended yet as they slave to do our repetitive tasks so no hard feelings there either.

    People who get personally offended by stuff that happend to there great grandparents need to get professional help and kept away from committees.
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    As a BDSM connoisseur I'm offended.

    Not really a dom/sub fan, but my point is that Master/Slave is just an unbalanced unconditional relationship, not exclusively related to race, sometimes even with consent.

    There's also a problem with proposed master/replica terminology, because master/slave is not always about replication. It just denotes that in a parallelized system of nodes, there is one node which has priority/leadership/control over others. Those nodes (hard disks, computing units, physical sensors, proxies, etc) might all be performing different tasks, not replication.
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    Good essay and discussion here: http://antirez.com/news/122
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    @Frederick "But with my $2k iPhone and MacBook Pro and the ability to type dribble on the internet, I am totally a slave!!! Those people in third-world countries have no idea about MY FEELINGS!!! 😣"
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    @nikolatesla Allowlist, try saying that 5 times fast 😂
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    @nikolatesla Blacklist comes from suspected thieves/assassins operating at night, to be kept outside of the castle.
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    SJW are just the new age's idiots. No need to worry, according to history that'll pass.
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    @condor as your arguments on the master/slave debate are pretty good and valid, all you said about disability and humans is bullshit. You might think beeing handicapped gives you a right to write offensive and humiliating things, but I doubt that.

    I believe that beeing handicapped is only a problem in an environment where the skills a handicapped person lacks at are of great importance. Like beeing good at socializing when living with other human beings. Or a negation: beeing a lefty in a right handed world.

    As you are smart enough you could imagine a scenario where every handicapped person could live without his handicap beeing revealed.
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    @Wombat I hear you, disabled people should be able to work. I want to work just the same and don't want my "disability" to impede that. And when disabilities don't impede the work performance, I think that the disability shouldn't be considered aside from realization (and support where needed) within the company at all. The thing that grinds my gears however is people getting a job *because of* their disabilities. That, I think is wrong. A disability is no replacement for competence. And I wouldn't want my disability to warrant me a job instead of me being the most attractive applicant in a fair competition. For the same reason, Paralympics doesn't attract me either. After all, I don't have a physical disability. As far as Paralympics go, my disability would be none. That'd give me an unfair advantage.
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    @Condor I agree with you.
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    Don't worry Julia is here
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