31 hours
I was on a hackathon, we got time between Saturday 10AM until Sunday 5PM.
Most people went to sleep at some point, i literally used all the time i got and could submit a finished and playable game.

I felt drunk and incredibly dizzy at the end

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    Mind sharing what kinda game you made?
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    I for sure know the feeling!
    This week i had 2 Days with 18-19 hours of coding, your mind is blown after that. And then to go home, 3-4 hours of sleep, then take care of my 1y daugther 😅

    My longest time coding is 60 hours, we had a weekend event with live stream, 5 guys trying to make a game.. it was crazy, i didn't sleep at all, the person who got most sleep was 10 hours.

    But it was Worth it! Had a lot of viewers and both newspaper and tv visited us 😁
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    @nitwhiz it was a really simple 2D shooter.
    All player controlled a small tank and could fire in four directions.
    It was top down view and i got several maps to work.
    If a player got hit, he lost life and when he was dead he was out, something like a last man standing.
    Additionally there was a team mode.

    The catch was that four people were able to play on a single keyboard (each player using 8 keys, for four movement and four for firing) and it worked reasonably well 😄
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