<person>: What do you do?
<me>: I'm a developer.
<person>: What?
<me>: A computer programmer.
<person>: **blank stare**
<me>: I work with computers.
<person>: Ohhh. You work with computers! There is something wrong with mine, will you look at it for me?
<me>: I don't do hardware.
<person>: **blank stare**
<me>: I don't fix computers.
<person>: What?
<me>: **walks away**

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    Learn hardware
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    I didn't say I don't know hardware. I don't do hardware. people want favors and think your time is expendable
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    I started with hardware so I was ok. If you need me to seat ram chips and not bend the pins I am the guy 😀
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    @Jumpshot44 I had a bent pin on a SCSI cable once, and all the data was coming back UPPER CASE!
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    @Artemix Think about it like this. ASCII code for 'A' is 65. ASCII code for 'a' is 97.

    Difference between 97 and 65 = 32.

    32 is one binary bit. 100000

    If the pin representing that one bit (value 32) was bent, and made no connection, a 97 would appear as a 65 etc.

    I was a bit surprised no error codes or CRCs picked it up. This was on a tape by the way! :-) Not that long ago either (4 or 5 years maybe) - but on a parallel SCSI interface obviously!
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    I usually just tell them that I make the same type of stuff as what they use when they turn on the computer
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    <me> I'm a developer.
    A what?
    <me> A Software Engineer
    A what?
    <me> I'm a Computer Programmer
    Oh! Can you make me a website?
    <me> Yes.
    Okay, I want a wordpre...
    <me> No.
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    @spl0 that gives me an idea 😏
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