"Jim, can you tell me why my e-mails aren't getting to clients?"

They're being marked as spam...

"oh damn, how can we fix that?"

You can't. You can change the structure of your e-mails to look less spammy, but it's on their end.

"This is a disaster, we can't have our marketing e-mails marked SPAM!!"

Have you tried not spamming people?


No, you bought a mailing list and put together an e-mail campaign.

"But we aren't spamming people!"

IT VS Marketing 100% of the time

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    Unfortunately it is, at least in the US.
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    @CoffeeNcode Company data (=> e.g. info@example.org like addresses, not first.secondname@example.org) don't fall under the gpdr, as only natural persons are protected. So those lists may be sold freely, if other laws don't apply.

    For private email addresses, it probably isn't.
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    I can say with confidence that certain .edu-focused training organizations still sell mailing lists in the US.
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    @cabbagehands Sure, US laws apply there.
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    Because their marketing dribble is useless spam to everyone else. I guess these marketing suckers are in for a reality check.
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    Dwight: MICHAEL !!!
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    @sbiewald So only certain mailbox formats are protected? Gee, thanks GDPR. Good job.
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    There is no defined format that is or is not protected under gdpr AFAIK.

    Gdpr is a law regarding the privacy of real life people... Corporate entities don't fall under its protection, so general purpose company emails are free to use, specific personal addresses for a company are not....
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    @joykill we had privacy training in our company a few weeks ago and appearantly firstname.lastname@company.domain is not protected as it is a business adress and not a private one.
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    Oh yay, learned something new 😎
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    "why are our emails landing in people's spam boxes instead of their inbox? Fix it asap!!!!"

    "I think this is the case because you are spamming, sir."
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    1. Need to add an opt-out link.
    2. Need to ensure those who opt out don't get your mails.
    3. Content and most importantly the subject needs to be non spammy. Lottery, reward and other such words are a big no no.
    4. Need to prevent your email server ip to be black listed. For that follow point 1,2 religiously. And if you still get blacklisted, you need to get a new IP
    5. Less images more content.
    6. Need to remove emails that get bounced from your email list.

    Plus a lot of other things. But mostly if above is followed you'll be fine.
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    Domain verification via SPF records usually helps.
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