Hello devRant !

I'm a student in computer science, in my last year. In one course, I'm asked to make a contribution on an open source project and participate in it's community.
Since I love the people here, I was wondering if you could point me something not too big I can help with that would be useful. To give you an idea, I have some experience in both Android and web development, but none in anything iOS.

Anyway, thanks for reading and you're awesome ! (Tagging dfox 'cause you know, helping the project ^^)

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    Add the ability to swipe right to return to the rant index!
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    Tbh I could use some front end help but idk how to even start the project myself 😅
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    @FrodoSwaggins A contribution that would not take me more than a few days in an open source project that I find interesting.
    I know python, Java, js and C mostly, but would 100% learn something new if the project is nice
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    @linuxxx God, I hate front end, sorry ! I wish you luck ;)
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    Machine learning?
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    If you are a linux fan you might take a look at powerline, the codebase is not too big and pretty straightforward
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    Another option would be my open source project: https://github.com/flask-dashboard/...

    Relatively easy to understand, and over 10k people are using it. Maybe you can improve the ui a bit?
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    Find something you enjoy and get really good at it. Can't go wrong.
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    @FrodoSwaggins so, did you had something in mind ? I allow myself to poke you :p
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    @FrodoSwaggins will look into it ! Worked with D3 already, so it might be fun
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