Every user of any app: "damn these annoying ads. I hate ads!"
Average devRant user: "Dfox, add ads please so we can support you more."

What a wonderful community (except those who repost memes). ❤️

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    Watch an ad to lower your repost timer by 30 min
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    @dfox @trogus to gain new cool avatars..
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    Tbh I'd rather pay monthly or so than to have tracking ads...
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    People wouldn't complain about ads if it's only a banner... Some pages even redirect outside the page you wanted to see and can't even get back....

    When I post my projects they will all have one ad banner... At least they are free
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    I bought some swag for that reason. You all should too. They have nice shirts and whatnot.
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    @RodrigoF Oh I don't care about the ad, I just don't want to be tracked by them
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    @thisizram that's an interesting idea. Quid pro quo ad view for X incentive would feel fair, and be optional
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    @Flukz donwload my app and maybe I'll be motivated to write a Auto Poster module :)
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    @billgates can't download if you don't know the name :P
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    @aile11 I think it will be obvious if you look at my github... Though guess don't really matter... To much stuff going on atm, haven't really been doing much coding these days (outside of work)
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    I would hate ads on devRant, but would like a donation button on the website, some (fully optional) premium features like special avatar stuff, or something you can gift/award to very good rants and comments.
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    I guess we've made it, guys. Now we can have a subscription. Nice, @trogus and @dfox.
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    I'm definitely not looking for ads. I pay the sub. I'm willing to buy apps, I'm not willing to see ads.
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