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Seeing as linux might be going down the shitter soon, could the, 'btw I use arch", meme be replaced with, "btw I use OpenBSD"?
Like I did with the last question, have a snek.

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    What indication have you had that linux might be going away? Linus' retirement doesn't mean that the entirety of the world's biggest computing platform will go, "down the shitter." There's too much to lose.
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    @bahua It's probably more about the CoC aka Tumblr is invading the Open Source. But to be honest, I think (and hope), that it'll be discarded soon.

    (Thank you for the snake/snek/danger noodle/whatever you like to call these creatures)
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    @bahua True, but I was meaning the CoC stuff, and code quality likely dropping as a result of emphasising fee fees over it.
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    @norman70688 A snake. Ball python most likely.
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    I'm not sure why linux will see the end if Linus left? He is very good at his job but I don't think that success of Linux kernel is a one-man show
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    Oh god I'm not the only one being conserned with this whole CoC stuff 😐
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    I had no idea about this. I had to look up what you meant by, "CoC," and found that the kernel development project has adopted a new Code of Conduct that states that hate will not be tolerated. I'm not seeing the problem. I guess if you're a hateful person, then you might be affected.
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    @bahua Note how they didn't define hate specifically.
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    This seems pretty specific:

    "age, body size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation"
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    @bahua Ok then, I'm daft for making assumptions, my bad.
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    @bahua Unfortunately, that is only the good part. The person pushing this is nothing but full of hate. I recommend reading this article to get a better picture about her methods.

    I have nothing against respect/politeness, but wanting to end what they call the "meritocracy" is plain bullshit. Of course personal skills are important and who you are too, but if I want to hire a dev for a job, I will not settle on a man, woman, or even cow for that matter just because he/she/it had a difficult life, or is cheerful.

    Fuck that.

    To my eyes, those are just people without anything of value and want to be notice. Those child throwing tantrum and trying to meddle with things beyond them deserve to be ignored.

    I do not mean to be rude against you (but I am a bit annoyed writing this).

    PS: They are playing on this specific line of "sexism etc." exactly to make people protesting against them look bad.
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    @bahua yeah think about most kernal devs... Rip Terry
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    Linux never truly is ruined, just forked and continued away from the filth of political correctness
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    Aw, snake screen! :)

    I don't think so. Having a 30+ years old project stumble over some CoC change seems just a bit too unrealistic to me.
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