I have to confess, the first time I saw a framework like bootstrap I hated it because I didn't understood most of the HTML with a lot of tags with classes everywhere. It took me like 3 weeks to learn how to use it right and I made 3 websites from 0 in the process.
One day I read about a framework that uses Material Design rules (which I apply in my electronic projects with rgb screens). Since that moment I started to use it. I love how easy it´s to do a complex thing with a few lines.
For those who are starting with web design, give it a try to these frameworks. They will make your life easier. I was the kind of guy that writes every single line of html, css and javascript by hand.

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    I think Bulma > Bootstrap
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    @-Tor Yes, that's why I never used them before but I usually don't make static websites with 4 or 5 pages. Also an important thing its minify, uglify, delete unused code/comments, smoosh and compress, I do it using gulp and a batch file to do it quickly. The current website that I'm working on has a size of 551kb at this time but after execute the gulp task that I said before the size is reduced to 60kb.
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    @lamka02sk Never heard of it. I'll take a look later
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    If you are tht type of guy to write your own CSS JS and HTML then using a framework is a step backwards...
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    It serves a purpose but is heavily bloated and the amount of mandatory non-semantic markup is horrible. For v. 3 at least, legend says it is somewhat improved in v4.
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